Way to go

Hy this is "digital-girl" and this is my own little blog all around my life.

So today something new, a blod an here I will be posting diligent. At least I hope so.  I hope I get my own layout finished soon, cuz with it, it will much more personal here.

At home there is not really much going on today... I got a new closet - just a little one it's only about 40 cm long, but it should be enoght for my clothes.

Because I'm really lazy right now, half of my stuff is in the closet and the other stuff is spilled all over my floor, but well...

Later today I will be going to an ex-co-worker and have to have a present, so I just printed out a nice picture someone took from us, and besides that she get a "friednshup"-mug.

What else? Let me see...

Yesterday I got a wonderful new english book (say that especially cuz I'm a Swiss Girl, so enlish books are rare over here) and hope to get started really soon.


Well that's it for the moment - I think I will post later on this day


PS: I write this blog also in german under



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Okay, yesterday I hadn't enought time, to actually post again. I returnd late and just walked to my bed. So I just post today...

Leaving ... yeah but not me, my sister is going to a camp for a week and is leaving today... because we don't have a mother anymore it was my responsibility, that she actually has everything that she needs.

How many times did I do this thing? the mother thing? I mean sure, if I would be her, I'm sure I would be grateful, that there is at least a person that is similar to my mum... someone that is just here...

beside that, I wasn't really abel to do anything yet, so my floor still looks the same. I should go there soon and clean.

Yesterday at the house of my ex-co-worker we watched "DSDS" and one of the candidates sang "in the arms of an angel" I love this song and had forgotten the titel befor, so I was really happy that I got it back. I know this titel out of the series "the pretender" and love it since then.

all in all not bad!

See you later


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