Okay, yesterday I hadn't enought time, to actually post again. I returnd late and just walked to my bed. So I just post today...

Leaving ... yeah but not me, my sister is going to a camp for a week and is leaving today... because we don't have a mother anymore it was my responsibility, that she actually has everything that she needs.

How many times did I do this thing? the mother thing? I mean sure, if I would be her, I'm sure I would be grateful, that there is at least a person that is similar to my mum... someone that is just here...

beside that, I wasn't really abel to do anything yet, so my floor still looks the same. I should go there soon and clean.

Yesterday at the house of my ex-co-worker we watched "DSDS" and one of the candidates sang "in the arms of an angel" I love this song and had forgotten the titel befor, so I was really happy that I got it back. I know this titel out of the series "the pretender" and love it since then.

all in all not bad!

See you later


18.3.07 12:02

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